Message from the CEO



For almost two decades now, PT. Rahayu Carita Perkasa (RCP) has served the nation.  Among other services, we specialize in the service, repair, refurbishment and up-grading of lifeboats for ships, rigs and offshore oil & gas platforms.



Our Mission



PT Rahayu Carita Perkasa is a resourceful company and a leading regional Oilfield supplier providing cost effective solutions to our valued customers. We directly serve the endusers by offering our exceptional supply and service products.



Our Company
PT RAHAYU CARITA PERKASA was established in 1999 and started as a general supplier for all types of equipment, tools, software solutions and maintenance services to support the oil and gas industry of Indonesia.

What we offer



Through valuable experience over many years in oil and gas supply operations, we are able to offer a wide range of products and services for our customer's needs and requirements.

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Rahayu Carita Perkasa is a Local Company that specializes in these Lifeboat services, repair, refurbishment and upgrading of lifeboats on ships, rigs and offshore oil & gas platforms. 

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Inflatable Liferafts

Rahayu Carita Perkasa is a Local Company that specializes in these Inflatable Liferafts services. HAINING Inflatable liferafts include throw over board, Self-righting, Self-righting and Davit launched, Open reversible and Canopied reversible series liferafts

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Floating Hose Repair

Rahayu Carita Perkasa has the capability to repair and maintain floating hoses with some advantages : extending the service-life of the hose, cost efficiency, support local content, and better planning schedule for next replacement



Maintenance Services

 PT Rahayu Carita Perkasa offer customized maintenance system for offshore and onshore to maintain your plant with highly skilled and qualified personnel.




 Training in the use of Turboperfs technologies is essential to ensure our clients extract the maximum value from the products. We offer a variety of advanced training programs in this area to our clients.

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