Training Programs


Training programs are essential to ensure clients extract the maximum value from Turboperfs technologies. Training programs available to clients are summarized below:

  • TMMS Program Management Training
  • TMMS Process Training
  • TMMS Awareness
  • Match Model Optimizer Training
  • Combustion Performance Optimizer Training saisfaction. We directly service the end-users by offering our exceptional supply and service

TMMS Surveillance & Model Update

Often Oil/Gas Operations do not have the local resources to manage the periodic model updates of the TMMSTM, interpret the results of the daily TMMSTM analysis, and make recommendations to the Operation leaders. If this is your situation, then the Surveillance & Model Updates Service may fit your operation’s needs.

Turboperf provides the following services for each turbomachinery unit that we are contracted to monitor:

  •  Periodic Update of all performance models
  •  Periodic Program Calibration
  •  Daily Review of turbomachinery performance Opportunities & Alarms
  •  Daily generation of Recommendations to maximize capacities & reliability
  •  Periodic Reports to summarize Performance & Reliability


Match Model Optimizer

If you are currently using the OPMMSTM software, and Turboperf has access to your TMMSTM performance data, we can perform an analysis of your GG Engine fleet and make recommendations for engine swaps that will eliminate output constraints resulting from poor GG Engine versus Power Turbine matches.

In addition, if the client has several spare Avon engines to choose from, we can evaluate the best spare engine match up for the Power Turbine.

Combustion Performance Optimizer

Achieving Balanced Combustion is essential to maximizing expensive turbine blade life, through reduction in Thermal Cycle Stress, yet it has proved elusive for many operators of Gas Turbines.

Turboperf has developed a program which models the combustion performance and provides a process to improve concentric combustion balance.

Users of this technology have experienced blade life increases of 100% and have witnessed significant reduction in gas turbines fleet fired hour costs.

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